неделя, 7 май 2017 г.

A few my DIY projects

The loudspeakers are "SEAS"- Excel / Tw-1”, Mw-5”for center 2х 5.5”, Bass-8,5”/ and cross-over parts- "Intertechnik".

Nominal impedance- 8 Ohms.
Freguency Range 30Hz-22kHz.
Characterstic Sensitivity(2,83V/1m)- 87db
Long Term-150W.

'll show you how was made the speakers are made;
First did this "home-matrix";

and for the center:


After, i bended 8 layers / 4mm / MDF

After assembly, veneering with " Bird's Eye View"

he finish is 35-40 layers of acrylic auto varnish and after each layer- polishing in order to obtain this:

Design, construction, tree processing, filters - made by Joro Raitchev.

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